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Rhino 3D CAD Modeling Training
Custom Jewelry CAD Design

3D Prototyping

Rhinoceros 3D

Authorized Rhinoceros 3D Trainer

Reseller of Discounted Rhino 3D and KeyShot 3D CAD Design Program Packages




Akiyo Matsuoka Inc. is accredited by the respective design firms to deliver training for Rhino 3D, Grasshopper and KeyShot.

Any individual professionals and organization looking for the best training with the experience and knowledge, we are offering the various live online training with different levels.

Increase your job productivity, and accelerate your professional development. For new hire training or to fill the gaps of the team members, we offer tailored training on Rhino with the ability to create custom workflows, project based training, and in-house standards.

Akiyo Matsuoka is an authorized Rhino trainer and our training material can be custom tailored to cover from the basic to the most advanced surfacing techniques.

Online software store:

We are an authorized online software reseller and offer Rhino 3D CAD and KeyShot at a discounted price.

The Book:


The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design is a bilingual edition, in Japanese and English, that introduces the world of CAD Jewelry Design using Rhino - the most versatile 3D modeling program - and Grasshopper plug-in which is integrated into the newest versions of Rhino, known as a G.A.E. (Graphical Algorithm Editor). With the help of Grasshopper algorithms, you can create prototyping modeling procedures easily, enable simulations, modify, iterate and find better results by manipulating parameters. The book helps you better understand how to recreate your designs on the computer using the latest computational design techniques. Learn to build both simple and complex designs, and use the tips to extend your knowledge base for more advanced 3D Prototyping and Jewelry modeling.

Please contact Akiyo Matsuoka for additional information.

(646) 241-0045


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