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Why should you consider taking our training,

rather than learning on your own?

Our training offers a comprehensive, interactive, and supported learning experience that can expedite  your Rhino 3D CAD skills and provide a deeper understanding compared to self-learning.


  • Structured Learning: Our training offers a well-structured curriculum, ensuring that you cover all the essential topics and build a strong foundation. Learning on your own can often result in a scattered or incomplete understanding.

  • Expert Guidance: The instructor is experienced professional who can provide expert guidance and answer your questions in real-time. This direct access to knowledgeable instructor is not readily available through self-learning.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: We emphasize practical problem-solving skills that come from real-world scenarios, helping you develop the ability to tackle complex issues efficiently. Self-learners might miss out on this critical aspect.

  • Interactive Experience: Our live online classes promote interaction and engagement, allowing you to learn from both the instructor and fellow students. This interactive experience can enhance your learning significantly.

  • Remote Assistance: With screen sharing and mouse/keyboard control enabled, you can receive help remotely, much like an in-person class. This level of support is hard to replicate when self-teaching.

  • Flexible Scheduling: All sessions are recorded, granting you the flexibility to review the material at your own pace and accommodate your schedule, even if you have conflicts or live in different time zones.


Training Schedule & Registration:

Intermediate Rhino/KeyShot Rendering "Live" Online        

Sept.4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2 & 9 (6 sessions) 

Wednesdays, 6:45 to 9:45 pm (EDT)


Introduction to Rhino 3D Modeling "Live" Online        

Sept. 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct.  7, 14 & 21 (7 sessions)

Mondays, 6:45 to 9:45 pm (EDT)


**Please inquire about future classes.

Hands on and interactive.   Class size is small and seats are limited.  It is often sold out weeks before so please register early to save your spot.

Each session will be recorded and posted after the class for your review.

You will need a PC laptop Rhino Windows version installed.

You can download a Rhino 8 evaluation version from here:

You can use Rhino for Mac on Mac but Windows computer is recommended.


Grasshopper comes with Rhino.

For KeyShot training, you will have an access to KeyShot Pro trial version. This exclusive offer let you try most sophisticated special features which are included in KeyShot Pro.

One-on-one, corporate training/consulting and online training are also available. 

Please see Testimonial page from former students for class review. 


**Due to limited seating, cancellation or credit request has to be made at least 14 days before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. No refund or credit will be given for no-shows.



  Introductory Class

This class is designed to create familiarity and build solid foundation with Rhino 7.  You'll learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3-D NURBS models. Class covers most of Rhino's functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands.  Class use jewelry as geometry however professionals in other field can benefit from the class. You will learn step-by-step 2D drawings and 3D modeling with various exercises and strategies. Lots of supported digital materials such as tutorial Rhino files, various stone templates and cutters, etc. are provided for your use.

Rhino Training Center, Rhino 3D Training Courses, Authorized Rhino Trainer

Intermediate Class

(Jewelry modeling/Create jewelry portfolio with KeyShot 10)

This class is designed for people who are already familiar with basic 3D modeling with Rhino. We will go over how to create jewelry models with various exercises such as engagement ring, halo ring and bypass ring with different type of settings.

Lots of practical tips, short cuts and tricks are introduced during the class to help your workflow.

Halo Ring Rhino online course

Also introducing photo realistic rendering with KeyShot.  KeyShot is everything you need to create amazing visuals fast. The real-time 3D rendering workflow displays results instantly and reduces the time it takes to create realistic product shots. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets to advanced material editing and animation, creating interactive product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier. Post processing in Photoshop is also covered.

Create impressive jewelry portfolio with KeyShot! 

KeyShot Training
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  Introduction to Generative Jewelry Design

This class will give you a functional understanding of Grasshopper concepts and parametric design. 
Learn and explore how Grasshopper generates unprecedented fluidity and automated tasks to go further the design process, allowing for much greater speed with working on complicated and repeating forms. Grasshopper creates parametric modeling to automate production, new forms, shapes, patterns and your own interfaces. It is only possible with the algorithmic modeling. 

·        Introduction to Grasshopper interface

·        Parameters and Components

·        Whole numbers, Decimal numbers, and the Numeric Slider

·        Math and Sets Components

·        Vectors Components

·        Curve Components

·        List Management (Sub List, Split List, Shift, Reverse List)

·        Series, Range, Cull Patterns

·        Introduction to Random

·        Divide, Length, Perp Frames, Fillet, Offset and Project

·        Introduction to some Transform Components(Move, Scale)

·        Reparameterize

·        Introduction to Tree

·        Write various definitions.  These are examples and contents varies depends on the class.

·        Cull Pattern Ring(Cull Pattern, Graft, Boolean Toggle)

·        Diamond template, Ring size template by country (File Path, Import 3DM, Value List)

·        Voronoi Ring (Evaluate, Populate 2D, Stream Filter, Bounding Box, Various Tree components)

·        Door Handle (Reparameterize, Point on Curve, Perpendicular Frame, Sweep 1 Rail)


Intermediate Generative Jewelry Design with Grasshopper 

This intermediate class is targeted for creative designers who wants to explore developing critical and comprehensive understanding of parametric design with Grasshopper. 


Projects include Prong setting, Bezel Set Eternity Ring, Diamond setting on curve, Image Sampler(Emboss), Pave,

Signet ring, etc.

**Contents may differ depending on the class.

Rhino Grasshopper online class
Generative Jewelry design with Grasshopper online class
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