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                                                                         GRASSHOPPER TRAINING


Introduction to Generative Jewelry Design

This 2 day class will give you a functional understanding of Grasshopper concepts and parametric design. 
Learn and explore how Grasshopper generates unprecedented fluidity and automated tasks to go further the design process, allowing for much greater speed with working on complicated and repeating forms. Grasshopper creates parametric modeling to automate production, new forms, shapes, patterns and your own interfaces. It is only possible with the algorithmic modeling. 

Day 1

  • Introduction to Grasshopper interface

  • Parameters and Components

  • Whole numbers, Decimal numbers, and the Numeric Slider

  • Math and Sets Components

  • Vectors Components

  • Curve Components

  • List Management (Sub List, Split List, Shift, Reverse List)

  • Series, Range, Cull Patterns

  • Introduction to Random

  • Divide, Length, Perp Frames, Fillet, Offset and Project

  • Introduction to some Transform Components(Move, Scale)

  • Reparameterize

  • Introduction to Tree

Day 2

       Write various definitions.  These are examples and contents varies depends on the class.

  • Cull Pattern Ring(Cull Pattern, Graft, Boolean Toggle)

  • Diamond template, Ring size template by country (File Path, Import 3DM, Value List)

  • Voronoi Ring (Evaluate, Populate 2D, Stream Filter, Bounding Box, Various Tree components)

  • Door Handle (Reparameterize, Point on Curve, Perpendicular Frame, Sweep 1 Rail)


Intermediate Generative Jewelry Design with Grasshopper 

This intermediate class is targeted for creative designers who wants to explore developing critical and comprehensive understanding of parametric design with Grasshopper. 


Projects include Prong setting, Bezel Set Eternity Ring, Diamond setting on curve, Image Sampler(Emboss), Pave, etc.

**Contents may differ depending on the class.

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